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Tuuli Vuorinen-Oras

Image of the artist

Tuuli is Artco’s driving force and the vice chairperson of Kuukulkurit. Tuuli is a photograph artist and a vocational teacher. She has worked in several art projects and taken part in private and joint exhibitions regularly since the year 2000 with her photographs, videos and photo installations. Tuuli is a mother of three boys and she lives and works in Helsinki.

The subjects of Tuuli’s imagery vary from the details of nature and urban to different sceneries or the multicoloured, rough surfaces of concrete walls, where in each one you can find some trace left by man or a force of nature – a touch. Experimentation and the tuning of an unsold work are part of the artist’s thinking on sustainable development in creating art. The work changes over time and is born again as a new and more whole entity.

In addition to art photography, Tuuli teaches, consults and works as a freelancer in graphic communication and web graphics. For the joy of working with hands and the passion for aesthetic pleasure, she also cooks and goes to zumba classes, nordic walking and the gym in her free time. Cottage life in a lakeside landscape and the nature’s silence work as a big inspiration for her art.

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