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Kuukulkurit is a registered association (ry) established in 2006 that maintains Auraco and art section Artco. Its purpose is to develop multiartistic and collective dance theatre and culture. The association offers peaceful art experiences in dance, mime and other art forms. Kuukulkurit wants to counterbalance the accelerating way of life.

Choreographer Päivi Aura, visual artist Keanne van de Kreeke and Kati Lehtola (née Aura) and Otto Aura are the founders of Kuukulkurit ry.


Kuukulkurit organises workshops of different art forms, exhibitions and literature and illustration projects included in performances or as individual projects. The association organises cultural, educational and conversational happenings both alone and together with other cultural, educational and social and health care agents. Kuukulkurit is an experienced actor in the public sector, especially in work among children and the elderly. It acts both nationally and internationally.

One of the aims of Kuukulkurit is to increase the cooperation between Dance Theatre Auraco and art section Artco with multi-artistic and participatory projects, events and happenings.


Board in 2024:

By-laws (only in Finnish)