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Art Section Artco

Artco consists of professionals and amateurs of art. Synergy, doing together, seeing and experiencing, diversity, and visuality are our keywords.

We create exhibitions in elderly centres, hospitals, galleries, cafés, various public spaces, and events. We bring art exhibitions to public buildings and spaces and build side events around exhibitions. Our activity is guided by the will to counterbalance our society’s ever accelerating way of life and offer possibilities for peaceful and unhurried moments within making and experiencing art. We also hold workshops of different artforms in e.g. kindergartens, schools, and rest-homes.

Words that describe our activity are aesthetics, communality, presence, genuine encounter, lifespan, and warm humour.

Exhibition and Workshop Activity

Artco’s first official operation period was opened with the Handprints exhibition in Kustaankartano elderly centre in Helsinki on 3 Jan – 26 Feb 2014. A related “plaster hands” workshop was held in cooperation with the clients and instructors of the centre. We also held the Faces exhibition at Kinapori elderly centre on 1–30 April 2014 and the Summerpath exhibition at Vire Koti Lehtisaari on 20 Jun – 17 Aug 2014. In addition, we had an art sales desk at the Moon River event in Porvoo on 30 Aug 2014.

In 2013 Artco held three exhibitions: Flora at Vire Koti Lehtisaari (private nursing home) 2 April – 19 May, Knots in the exhibition space of Herttoniemi hospital 1–31 July, and Drops of Light in the exhibition space of Laakso hospital 2–28 September. The Drops of Light exhibition also had a related dance performance and workshops, and the Flora exhibition included artist visits. Also in 2013, some of Artco’s artists took part in the Moon River event in Porvoo with the “Hit Å Dit – Here and There” exhibition in Bistro Sinne restaurant, and with the taideALE art sale at the Old Town Hall square in Porvoo.

In addition to exhibitions, Artco has done photograph projects and workshops for kindergartens and elementary schools, for instance In the Eyes of a Child (Porolahti kindergarten spring 2011), In the Eyes of a Schoolchild (Mämme school in Äänekoski autumn 2011), Spiders (Porolahti kindergarten autumn 2012), Leaves (Porolahti kindergarten autumn 2013), and Rabbits (Roihuvuori kindergarten spring 2014). In the workshops, the children have taken photographs with digital cameras according to given subject and direction. The end result has been e.g. a photo exhibition and its opening ceremony. The workshops in kindergartens have been done in cooperation with the kindergarten personnel.

The artists have also organized their own art exhibitions and taken part in several joint exhibitions with photographs, graphics, drawings, and paintings. Some of Artco’s members are professional artists, some are long-time visual art amateurs, and others are art students.

Artco’s members are free to practice their own art activities outside of Artco. Artco mainly wants to offer artists possibilities to participate in exhibitions, workshops, artist visits, art events, and various multi-disciplinary art projects. In the exhibitions, the artists also have the possibility to discuss the presented works, as well as their own artistic working and making art. At the same time, they can search and find new contacts and enhance their sales.