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Keanne van de Kreeke

Image of the artist

Keanne is a Dutch visual artist / illustrator living in Finland, one of Kuukulkurit ry’s founding members. Keanne has lived in Finland for 15 years. Her home is at Hirsjärvi, a small village in Southwest Finland, where she lives with her husband and three children. Keanne’s studio is in the middle of forested nature from which she draws inspiration to her work.

Keanne has participated in many communal projects in e.g. kindergartens, schools and elderly centres both in Finland and abroad. She has illustrated among other things the mobile library of Salo that was voted the second most favourite at the Finnish Library Association’s Mobile Library Days in 2013. Keanne has also made wall paintings for e.g. kindergartens and elderly centres. Her card series are sold online and in various place in Finland.

In addition, Keanne makes posters and illustrates children’s books that have been published in Finland and Belgium. She also makes custom works for various publishers and companies. Keanne’s aim is that her Keanne • illustration products will reach people and bring joy to them in their daily lives. Her works are close to man and nature, and full of imagination, joy, colour and small details.

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+358 50 342 3971
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